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We also Choreograph/Organise School Annual Function,Wedding Choreography,Cultural Performance,College Fest,Special Dance Workshop

Guitar Classes


Learn to play guitar..



Advance Level.

Bhangra Classes


Learn free style Bhangra

Beats of dhol…

Exciting, Energizing,

Entertaining & Exhilarating


Fine Art Classes


Capture your creativity

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Welcome Dancers!

DANSATION DANCE STUDIO offers dance training to students of all ages and levels. Our dance classes train students in excellent technique, performance, and exposure to a variety of unique dance forms and styles, while also developing the student’s confidence and creativity.
The DANSATION dance programs offer students a high caliber of training in a spiritually and artistically caring environment. Every level of training the students are exposed to is a vital piece in the dance mosaic; it provides specialized training within a logical and cumulative sequence. We value training students through positive reinforcement and through mutual respect. We strive to build outstanding dancers in body, mind, and spirit. Our classes, performances, competitions, examinations, opportunities to travel and exposure to many styles and methods of dance provide our students the opportunities to grow and develop into graceful, strong and confident dancers. Our nurturing and dedicated instructors ensure that students explore their artistry, creativity and natural ability, while instilling strong technique and joy for dance. The Dance Chamber’s unique and comprehensive approach helps students to reach their highest technical dance potential with grace, regardless of their goals in dancing- even if these dreams include simply wanting increase stamina or acquire steps for agility on a social dance floor.

Our Facilities

The DANSATION DANCE STUDIO is equipped with mirrors, air conditioning, natural light, wooden carpeting floors, and changing rooms.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission strives to be artistically responsible for educating and building audiences of dance through community and collaborative projects. We want our students to meet their diverse goals, whether these goals are for advanced dance training or for simply improving their social dancing skills.
At DANSATION DANCE STUDIO we strive to satisfy with an unwavering passion! Call us today to help make your dance dream come true!

   Our Crew

Our Director

Director (Kapil Pandey)

mr. kapil(director)
Our Instructors


Assistant Choreographer (Dimple)

mr. jay


mr. piyush


mr. amandeep singh
(bhangra teacher)


miss. neha
(art teacher)


mr. Jagsir Thind
(Guitar Teacher)

Jagsir Thind (Guitar Teacher)


Assistant Choreographer (RahulSinghania)

Ajay Parche

Choreograher(Ajay Parche)

Class Timings

Dance Classes



Early Morning Batches

Starting From 6 AM to 12 PM.

Evening Batches

Starting From 2 PM to 9 PM.

We Provide Batches for Morning,Evening with regular or Alternate Day’s Classes.

Guitar Classes



Saturday Morning Batches

Starting From 6 AM to 7 AM

Sunday Morning Batches

Starting From 10 AM to 11 AM

SPECIAL Bhangra Classes



Saturday Evening Batches

Starting From 4 PM to 5 PM

Saturday Morning Batches

Starting From 11 AM to 12 AM

Art classes



Saturday Evening Batches

Starting From 3 PM to 4 PM

Saturday Morning Batches

Starting From 12 AM to 1 AM

Female Instructors Also Available

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is strategically placed at:


Mohali 3B-2

scf 68, top floor, near hdfc bank

Phase 3b2 , Mohali.


Mohali Sector 70

SCO 548, top floor, Above HDFC Bank

, Mohali Sector 70.

Call us at:

+9198888-92718, +9198889-02718

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