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Corporate Dance & Fitness Workshops for Company

Our dance studio in Mohali has constantly put superior importance on providing
education that matters and handling the fitness workshop for company
professionally like we make sure that classes begin and end at required time,
students get a relaxed environment, mentors are well proficient professionals and
so on. Our dance academy is dedicated towards training best dance at very
reasonable fees. Our Dance Studio in Mohali has been made with worldwide
standards and we offer a situation that will encourage creative superiority in the
able and enthusiastic dancer, thus raising the values of dance and forming
chances for shared growth and development.

We believe that students of all ages and abilities should be sturdily cheered to
work towards their specific potential, while still having a fun and pleasant
experience. We attempt to grow characteristics like synchronization, confidence,
strength, beat, self-control and elasticity through individual attention over the
course of teaching as we believe that these are the keys to main success in life.

We sincerely welcome every student who learns corporate dance to make a
professional career in dance and also the student who dances purely for the joy of
program and the aids that it that transfer to daily life. Whether a student is going
to be an expert dancer or not, every single student who walks through our door is
vital to us. We run programs and plans that support the professional development
of performers in a positive, creative and development environment.

Our Dansation Studio provides the best dance services in Mohali. There are some
extra facilities also available here like: fine art classes, Guitar classes. If you have
any query contact at +91-9888892718.