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Dance classes in Mohali

Dansation studio gets to you an exciting chance to cherish your desire for dance
as we provide expert training in all the dance forms including Western Dance,
Jazz, Hip-Hop, Bhangra, Locking-N-Poping, Party Dance, and Bollywood Dance.

Bollywood dance: Bollywood dance doesn’t have a suitable definition. It can be
best defined as a mixture of various Indian dance forms with western styles.

Bhangra: Bhangra is the most extensive of Indian folk dances all-inclusive, and has
influenced popular music and dance, including Bollywood styles, more than any
other folk dance. In turn, Bhangra has been tending by mixture with types like
hip-hop. It was first performed only by men, but these times women perform it

Dansation studio is located in several places in the Tricity (Mohali). Our dance
coaches are expert in their field and aim at offering the best possible services to
the clients.

Dansation studio has also attained a great eminence in Direction/Choreography
For Wedding Ceremonies, Sangeet Functions, Corporate Events &
School/Colleges/Institutes Annual Functions/Cultural Programmes.
We have also made aids towards a wide range of dance shows, competitions, and
cultural events. We establish special dance workshops for the ones who incline to
bring about a spur to their holidays and make them exciting. The dance classes
are for all regardless of the age.

Some additional services also available here like: fine art classes, Guitar classes. If
you have any query contact at +9198888-92718.